Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Super ST.Marys

Lab 3 at St.Marys was our Supere Hero Day.  My group was the gym group this time so i was feeling the pressure a little bit. All in all i think we did a pretty good job with the kids. My game didn't go the way that i saw it going in my head though. We were playing super heroes and villians where the heroes need to catch the villians beforer they get to there base. It is definatly better to play in the pool than in the gym, the game speed is to fast when they can run. Making the playing area smaller helped, but next time i'll have a couple more modifications planned just in case.

Lab Write Up

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pirates Invade St.Marys

The Pirate theme  was a fun idea and it seemed like the kids were really into it. Some of our colleagues got dressed up and the kids loved that. I didn't really do alot with the kids because i was organizing gym equipment for the first half of the lab, but when we were evaluating a few of the second graders motor skills it seems like they're  all pretty close to where they should be. And when i did get out of they closets i was jump roping with some of the girls and they we had them show us how to double dutch lol. I couldn't quite get it but Abigail was showing everybody up.

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