Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Final Lab and a Little Reflection

Last week was our last lab at St.Mary's for the semester. Theses labs have been a great experience because there was alot to be learned and they have given me a sence of what teaching is actually like. I have coached before but teaching is definatley different. One of the main differences that i have realized that you have to motivate your students more when teaching than in coaching because the students don't always want to do what you have planned for them and since they aren't player's commited to your team, like your athletes are, they are more likely to give you a harder time. The best way to handle this is in your approach, something this experience has also taguht me. If you go into your instructing sessions with a positive attitude and approach, not only will the students be more willing and have a fun, but you are more likely to find yourself having fun as well and when they see your having fun then they will be having an even better time. It's contagious.

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