Sunday, September 12, 2010

Building a Foundation

The foundations that physical eduation teachers wish to instill in their students are: to have them beable to perform in a number of physical activites, become a physically fit person who participates regularly in physical activity. Also to have them become knowledgable of the reasons and benefits of being involved in a physical activity and how it can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Two key concepts discussed in the reading which will help us do this are to have students learn to move and, learn through the movement. Learning to move involves the motor domain of physical education, which is where the students are actually learning the motions. The learing through the movement occurs in the cognitive and affective domain. The cognitive domain is where they learn to percieve themselves in time and space and where concepts can be learned and used through physical movement. The affective domain is where they develop the way that they think about themselves and where they learn to be social and communicate

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