Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is there anthing Wrong with Giving Children Long Handled Implements?

A long handled implement would include items such as a baseball bat or lacrosse stick. Children should not be turned away from playing these sports outside of school if that is what they want to play but for the younger children, let's say third grade and under, they should still be learning to master their bodies without any other implement. One of my old lacrosse coaches used to tell my teammates and i that our lacrosse sticks were extensions of ourselves. I think kids should have control of themselves before they learn to control a lacrosse stick or a bat. Also, kids at that age do not always have the best self control. Although not intending to give them a weapon, baseball bats and lacrosse sticks can definately be used as such. All it takes is one temper tantrum. I'd save it for the older children but, a wiffle ball bat could be substituted for the baseball bat.

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